Standard Pit Jack service (what is included)

- Strip down and drain tank, clean and replace with new oil.

- Replace relief/release valve.

- Replace raise/lower valve.

- Replace water trap/filter assembly.

- Replace both hydraulic hoses.

- Strip and re-seal cylinders.

- Re-sticker the jack.

- Re-build jack.

- Test and raise test certificate.

What is not included Replacement of:

- Cylinder rod and tube.

- Heypac pneumatic pump.

- Cylinder isolation valves.

- Jack frame.

- Rollers.


Hydraulic hose assembly replacement

ABCO offer a comprehensive hose assembly replacement service or new hoses made from specific requested details. Tell us what you need and we will make it. Replacement hoses:

- Made as sample failed hose, between 1/4” and 1” bore in 1 or 2 wire specification generally from stock, made while you wait.

- Hose above 1” bore or multispiral type are not available from stock but supplied next day, made to specific given dimensions or as sample provided.

- A range of fittings is kept in stock to suit 1/4” to 1” bore hose in a number of thread patterns, BSP, JIC, Light Series Metric, heavy series Metric and some specials such as French Metric. This means that in general a high percentage of your requirements can be catered for whilst you wait. The small percentage, that cannot be dealt with while you wait are generally completed on a next day basis.


Ram repair

ABCO offer a very comprehensive hydraulic ram/cylinder repair service, from the simplest of re-seal to full replacement where the damage is beyond economical repair. We can manufacture new chrome rod to pattern, where existing rod is either bent, badly pitted or damaged in some other way. Tubes can also be totally replaced when the bore is badly scored or damaged due to the ingress of water. Damaged cylinder ports, rod or base eyes and clevises can be replaced. Damaged external pipework can be reformed and refitted. All ram/cylinder repairs undergo a full pressure test before being available for collection.